Green bonus

You have a small uncultivated garden to fix and are considering taking advantage of the Green Bonus, but want to know more? You are in the right place! With this small guide, you will be able to learn more about how to benefit from the tax deductions made available by the Government, aimed at encouraging home renovations, including gardens. Read on and find out everything.

Green bonus: how does it work and what does it consist of?

Among the various incentives made available by the Government, such as the Ecobonus, the Home Bonus, etc., there is also the Green Bonus. This is a provision that specifically aims to encourage all interventions carried out for the following purposes:

  • Garden arrangement
  • Arrangement or construction of fences
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Construction of wells
  • Realization of hanging gardens

As you will have understood, there are many jobs that fall within the tax benefits of the Green Bonus and allow you to face the costs of a garden arrangement, without spending exorbitant amounts.

With the help of a professional, you can choose the type of work and improve the aesthetics of your home, at costs that fall within your budget.

All deductions for the Green Bonus

Also for this year, the budget law has provided for the Green Bonus which makes tax reliefs available, in order to facilitate those who find themselves facing the cost of arranging the garden.

With the Green Bonus, you can take advantage of a 36% deduction of the expenses incurred for the arrangement of your garden, for a maximum amount of 5,000 euros.

In other words, if you incur expenses for the garden for a maximum allowable amount of 5,000 euros, you are entitled to a deduction of 1,800 euros on the annual IRPEF costs, divided into 10 installments, for the 10 years following the work.

Who can apply for the Green Bonus?

The incentives provided for by the green bonus can be paid to anyone who owns a property, for which he or she carries out one or more jobs covered by the green bonus.

Green bonus deduction: how to request it?

Requesting the deduction for the Green Bonus is a fairly simple procedure, but to avoid errors or delays in receipt, it is better to contact a professional or the competent company to which you entrust the gardening work. An industry expert can walk you through the process of preparing forms and documents, so you don’t have any problems. In general, it is necessary to:

  • Have an invoice relating to the work carried out, showing the expenses incurred for the cost of materials, transport, and labor
  • Pay the invoice by bank transfer
  • Register and access the ENEA website and send the required documents through the online procedure.

The deduction will then be effective from the year following the completion of the works, and for the following 10 years.

Rely on a professional for the Green Bonus

Being able to take advantage of the green bonus is certainly an extra incentive to tackle work in your garden or on your terrace. However, being able to do it with the support of a good professional makes everything easier and more convenient for you.

By finding a reliable professional you have the guarantee that the works are performed with quality and that the request for obtaining serious taxes is successful. If you do not know competent companies, you may find yourself entrusting the work to improvised gardeners, who are unable to recommend suitable solutions and do not even have the knowledge of the bureaucratic procedure to follow for your request to benefit from the Green Bonus.

So if you don’t know a competent company directly, trust us at Instapro with serenity: with our system, you can find all the best professionals in your area and choose the ones you think are most suitable for you. Access our site and find the right gardeners for you.

Useful tips for the Green Bonus

To be able to benefit from the Green Bonus without having difficulties, here are some tips that we suggest you follow:

  • Do not underestimate the importance of turning to professional firms, able to provide you with support and advice
  • Remember to request and keep the invoices of the works, for the request of deductions
  • Keep in mind, at the time of the settlement, to arrange for the payment with a traceable system, such as bank transfer
  • Respect the deadlines, to avoid exclusion from the benefits provided by the green bonus.

Green Bonus: Legend

Below we send you the meaning of some terms and acronyms, to facilitate the application procedures and make the procedure more understandable for you:

  • ENEA: National Body for New Technologies Energy Sustainable Economic Development, established to collect applications and evaluate them
  • Tax Deduction: corresponds to the total to be deducted from the annual fee corresponding to IRPEF and the amount of which is divided into 10 annual installments
  • IRPEF: it is the income tax for individuals, in other words, the tax to be paid each year, the amount of which is established on the basis of a series of elements and differs from taxpayer to taxpayer