How to choose a paint?

Before choosing interior paint, read the article about Protection Your Family from Exposures for safety and health.

Today in the market of paints there is a real peak in the variety of the product range: brand and “noname” paints, enamels and varnishes, solvents and paints for metal – many types, features, related products and incomprehensible words in the product description. To be honest, I can argue that the manufacturers themselves are not immediately oriented in the painting department of a decent hypermarket.

But we have repair in full swing, so you have to learn to choose the right paint. So get ready, because we need not only to get acquainted with the varieties of paints, but also to acquire special knowledge about paints for ceilings and walls. Let’s start now!

Varieties of colors

I suggest not to go into details, but to get acquainted with the main types of paints that have earned a good reputation. Today there are four such varieties, and now we learn what they are and why these types are most often used in the repair of residential premises.

Acrylic paints

This type has become popular due to its stability (does not deteriorate due to wet cleaning) and versatility (it is possible to paint both walls and the ceiling). One gets the impression that acrylic paints are simply created for the decoration of the apartment, but one should not fall into euphoria. The fact is that such paint is generally not suitable for rooms where it is constantly humid (for example, a bathroom) – regular moisture ingress to the surface of acrylic paint will quickly spoil both the paint itself and the surface under it. And at the same time in a good store you can pick up a special acrylic paint, resistant, for example, to fat.

Latex paint

But these paints are absolutely resistant to moisture. Latex paint, you can safely paint the walls in the bathroom and not “steam” about the durability of such a finish. And most importantly – latex paint will give the surface an attractive matte look. And if the surface texture carries an aesthetic potential, the application of latex paint will emphasize this peculiarity. True, you should not hope that latex paint will hide significant surface defects.

Paints based on PVA

This type of paint has a special place in our list. The fact is that paints based on PVA in professional circles are considered both the most reliable and the most inexpensive. But there is one “BUT”, otherwise the article would be devoted exclusively to this variety. In general, the problem is that PVA-based paints are intended ONLY for dry rooms. Unfortunately, they do not differ in durability, and the ceiling, for example, in a bathroom will not take such paint at all. That is to paint, of course, it is possible, but the result will be terrifying. So better, no, no. But in dry rooms with such paint finish will be tiptop!

Environmentally friendly paints

Everything is simple here. Such paints are designed for residential and children’s rooms in which people who are prone to allergies live. Eco-colors are of good quality and democratic in relation to human health – an excellent choice for a young family who cares about their health and environmental well-being.