Ideas for the garden

The idea of ​​the garden is often associated with a terrace and sun, or even with a lawn where children can play safely. If you are planning to renovate or build a new garden, then it is essential to take several factors into consideration. Examples can be found below. What aspect do you want to give to the garden? Modern, romantic, natural, or regular and low-maintenance. Everything is achievable, but it will be necessary to approach the design appropriately. Is it advisable to contact a professional or opt for do-it-yourself?

Children in the garden?

If this space is often used by children, then a lawn is a great option. The possibilities are however numerous; for example, it will be possible to use a rubber coating to be placed under the swing or the play area, so as to ensure the safety of the little ones. It is also important to take care of the aspects related to the plants and make sure that there are no poisonous plants such as badger, laburnum, and aconite.

A place to sunbathe?

Do you want to sunbathe on the terrace? Then it is good to create an area that guarantees good exposure to the sun and with enough space. Usually, the size of a sun terrace is 2.2 m2 per person.


If the barbecue has an important function in the garden, then it is advisable to choose a well-protected place. It is good to be sure that the ground is resistant, that the place is not exposed to wind, and that the barbecue is always firmly fixed to the ground. Electric barbecues are increasingly used compared to those with charcoal, so it is good to take into account the presence of sockets.

Separate space for cars, bicycles, and scooters?

Do you need a separate space for a car, bicycles, and scooters? Then it is important to have a secondary exit. It is, therefore, necessary to have a precise plan and to think in advance about the most suitable flooring.

What should be taken into consideration when designing this space? The garden needs meticulous planning; it is important to know the plants that grow in the sun – such as lobelia, geranium, or sage – and that do not need shade places. It is good to know that any pond exposed to the sun will be more subject to algae growth and it is finally essential to plan the flooring in advance and to lay a layer of sand as well as try to ensure excellent drainage.

Position of the sun

The design of the garden also varies according to the position and use that you want to make of it. It is important to know its positioning to know what the lighting will be during the day; to do this it is advisable to use a compass. The gardens to the south are more affected by the sun, and trees can therefore be planted to create shaded areas, while those to the north are less so and it will be better to opt for low plants and bushes.

Types of soil

Close to factors such as the position of the sun, wind, and temperature, it is also important to consider the type of soil present in the garden. Certain plants such as lavender and yarrow are perfect for sandy soil. Plants such as dahlia and wisteria are perfect for peaty soil. In addition, it will also be important to take into account the pH of the soil. It is therefore good to ask for advice from a professional gardener and choose the plants according to the circumstances.


The choice of plants is important for the atmosphere you want to give to your space and varies according to elements such as the size of the garden, the position of the sun, and the type of trees. Plants significantly change the atmosphere of the garden, so it is advisable to contact a gardener for any advice.


The surface of the garden – think of a floor or gravel cover – can be beautiful and functional. By creating the necessary connections between the various elements of the external environment (such as a tool shed with a back door) you can walk peacefully in the garden without getting your feet dirty. The possibilities in the field of flooring are many and you can choose the style according to your budget. Is it better to opt for do-it-yourself or go to a professional?

Division of spaces

Garden design — such as a wall, partition, or fence — gives additional privacy and protects against the wind. The division of spaces greatly affects style, costs, and maintenance. Building a wall to delimit your space will involve a choice to be made together with your neighbors, and it is, therefore, good to discuss the various options with them. Both parties will therefore be responsible for maintenance, renovation, and costs.

Create a pond

For many people, a pond is an indispensable element to have a completely natural environment, which harmoniously combines water and land. Creating a pond isn’t an easy job, so it’s important to choose the right spot — constant sun exposure will affect algae growth — and plan your garden layout in advance. Furthermore, it will often be necessary to take care of the subsoil before starting work. In this case, it is advisable to contact a professional.

Construction in the garden

Toolshed, wooden construction, pergola, garage, or winter garden … these exterior constructions can greatly increase the value of the home. It is good to pay attention to the regulations relating to outdoor environments and be sure that special permits are not necessary. It is therefore always advisable to inquire in advance at your municipality of residence.